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It's the Dead body looting Mutant shooting Venus mouthing Root in tooting Luger toting Ruger loading Bullet throwing Way too long grenade holding Triangular might mangle you weapon to rap Flash color coded clips N and RPG hat Baby, baby blue ammo turns red when it claps Shoot your face in the fat Give your cadaver a slap Where the level boss at I wanna clickclickcaclick that See em, shoot em, skin em, wear em, mount em on a wall If it's completely armor plated I will shoot it in the BALL... ...ing like a black hole or vulture flock. You're violently challenged Your THANGS don't cock Your things get shot Your party stops When I roll up teen wolfing on an ambulance top This ain't no game ain't never been no show And I'll gladly gun down the oldest lady you know I don't need no friends I don't need no phone Just a bag of severed heads And my Nuclear Throne Me no believe in trends Me no believe in GNOMES All me be believe in Is my Nuclear Throne I don't need no bread I don't need no home Just everybody dead And my Nuclear Throne Me kill you in a nowhere Me kill you all alone Me kill you in the face For my Nuclear Throne Trouble don't wanna You me gon gun down you mama We be for fun kill a lama Dog donkey zebra piranha Me ride a giraffe up on top a And go JIHADAMATATA Who hotta? Beside the guy who cuts horse meat off the shwarma GUNGODA! Shoot you in the morning get your blood on my eggs Shoot you in the hand head face chest neck legs At chrismahanakwanzica him hide under tree Jump out mini-gunning down your fat family Wanna spell a good time to me? It's M U R D E R N O N S T O P You don't wanna be the duty I shooty Better than a good nudie movie To me is a gun and cookie Hot like the huxstable RUDY

Published Sep 05, 2016
CategoryGame mod


Yv_counting.ico 408 kB
Moni Throne.exe 62 MB